Unisex Zipper Hoodie

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    • Hi Sean – Sorry I didn’t see your comment until just now. I’m so glad you liked the Nissi’s show. We had a great time too! That was our first show of 2016, and my first one with HERmonious, so I think the music will just get better as we do more shows. Hope to see you again.

  1. I loved this song and especially after reading what inspired it. Great lyrics, husky yet lovely voice and awesome slide guitar. Enjoyed it so much!!!

  2. Cass, woman you can SING! So glad you are sharing that amazing gift you have. Keep the music coming. To date myself, looking forward to your album release. Lol

  3. Is there a schedule of events related to concerts in the park series for 2018 summer months in Arvada besides this one concert?

    • Hi Ronnie – I am a musician playing at The Social. You would need to direct your question to the venue.

      All the best,