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Cass Clayton Band

Cass Clayton Band is a 6-piece, female-fronted band blending influences of funk, soul, rock and contemporary influences. Cass and co-writer/producer, Taylor Scott, have been praised for their modern approach to songwriting, and they aim to continually innovate and provide unexpected twists for the audience. No two shows are ever the same, with the band effortlessly moving from funk, to rock to R&B, building the energy and dynamics. Their tight chemistry and high-energy stage presence has led to their evolution into one of the top female-led bands in the state.

Cass was recently voted Favorite Female Vocalist of 2024 (Colorado Blues Society Members’ Choice Awards). The band has won 6 songwriting awards, garnering top reviews from magazines nationally and internationally. Their PLAY NICE album ranked #1 on the National R&B Radio Chart (Roots Music Report) for 11 weeks, as well as #1 R&B Album in Colorado. Cass has been featured on the cover of RECORDING MAGAZINE, along with feature articles in Guitar Girl Magazine and AMERICAN SONGWRITER. The band’s 4th full-length studio album, MIDNIGHT IN A BOTTLE, is available on all platforms on May 17, 2024.

Cass, along with co-writer/producer, Taylor Scott, have been praised for their unique approach to contemporary American rock and roots music. 

Cass Clayton

Cass is known for her big, soulful voice and broad vocal range that comfortably goes from Rock and Funk to R&B and Soul.  She views her voice as “another instrument in the band,” an approach that allows her to bend her style accordingly. Early influences of old-school blues, gospel, R&B and jazz can be heard in her powerful vocal style, song choices and lyrics. Cass has made her way into the hearts of music lovers everywhere with her evocative lyrics, smoky-smooth voice and a belting vocal range that can knock you flat at the right moment. Regardless of the genre in which Cass is singing, she feels most connected to the blues and gospel vocalist tradition. Influences include Mahalia Jackson, BB King, Elmore James, Bonnie Raitt, Susan Tedeschi, Albert King, Koko Taylor, Etta James, Nina Simone, and Aretha Franklin.

Co-Writer & Producer, Taylor Scott

Where would Cass Clayton Band be without the massive talent of co-writer and producer, Taylor Scott?  Let’s just say, his dedication and creative vision has led the band to exciting musical terrain. As producer of their last 3 albums, Taylor is always seeking new ways to expand creatively. His deep music knowledge gives the band flexibility and has resulted a diverse discography that is beyond genre definitions. Taylor is an award-winning songwriter, passionate about quality lyrics, composition and song arrangements in all of his many musical projects with Colorado’s top bands and musicians.

More About Cass Clayton Band

For more information about CCB, click here for a Recording Magazine interview.

Taylor Scott, Co-Writer, Producer, Lead Guitar

For Taylor Scott, nothing is black and white. He operates in the grey areas between genres, creating his own colorful hybrid of roots-rock, funk, soul, and troubadour-style Americana. It’s a sound that’s as diverse as its creator, whipped into sharp shape by a musician who’s equal parts guitar hero and singer/songwriter craftsman. Schooled in the classic songwriting of Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, and Jerry Jeff Walker, he combines a lyric-driven approach with the fiery fretwork of an instrumentalist who has experienced his coming-of-age while touring the world.


James Dumm, Lead Guitar & Slide Guitar

Plagued by an unhealthy obsession with AC/DC, James Dumm was inspired to pick up the guitar at age 11 and never looked back. He studied both classical and jazz guitar, as well as music business at the University of Colorado. James has performed in many esteemed venues across the U.S. and is always involved many diverse music projects due to his musical diversity and masterful slide guitar playing. Currently projects include Dumm Friends League, Drunken Hearts, The Other Brothers, and Cass Clayton Band. 


Jon Wirtz, Keys
Over the course of his career, Jon Wirtz has worked with Grammy winning producers Malcolm Burn, Steve Berlin, and John Macy, and shared stages/bills with acts including Justin Timberlake, Charlie Sexton (Bob Dylan), Gregory Alan Isakov, Robbie Krieger (The Doors), Melissa Etheridge, Buddy Guy and more. In addition to performing onThe Late Show With David Letterman, Wirtz has also appeared on EllenLopez Tonight, and theCBS Early Morning Show. In 2024 his song “Beautiful Illusion” was selected as a finalist for the IBLA Composer’s Competition (winners to be announced this August). More info, including complete bio, videos, music, etc. can be found at


Eric Imbrosciano, Drums
Hailing from New York, Eric began playing drums and performing in bars at the young age of 10, due to his father, a working blues musician.  After graduating with a Music Degree from SUNY Oneonta, he began touring the county with different groups performing at big clubs and festivals up and down the East Coast.  After moving to Denver Colorado in 2008, Eric quickly became one of the most sought out drummers in Colorado, performing in everything from electronic groups to weddings, church, studio sessions and more.  You can find Eric almost any night of the week performing at different clubs in the Denver metro area.


Jiho Han, Bass

Cass Clatyon, Vocals

(See bio at top of page)

About The Music – w/ Cass

“I think the audiences now are sophisticated because they have endless access to streaming music. They want great music that is inspiring and I’m not sure they care about genre as much. It’s my hope that people are ok if we can’t call it one thing, like rock-n-roll or blues,” says Cass.

Based on the belief that good music doesn’t always fit snugly into a single genre, Cass is taking her classic American music foundation (aka, Blues & Soul) and stretching to make music that is contemporary and inspires her and hopefully those around her. The result is a new Album release in May, 2024 along with a release show at Ophelia’s Electric Soapbox featuring many special guests.

“I wanted everything I wrote lyrically for this project to be from deep within me. My early songs were really drawing on ideas about life in general that I thought would be ‘cool’. I didn’t feel safe putting my real self out there. This is more personal, and I feel a bit exposed, but I feel more free too. I don’t want to hide behind lyrics about other people’s lives.

‘Midnight In A Bottle’ is a song (and the title of the album) that really fits our storytelling style. It’s contemporary, has a specific mood, and exemplifies everything I love about songwriting. It’s an example of how every word has to count when you’re telling a story in 3 minutes.”

With regard to how the collaboration came about, Cass says,
“Occasionally someone comes into your orbit who adds that creative spark and takes you to the next level creatively. For me, it was Taylor. I hope there will be many more geniuses I run into, but just one is good too. (laughs) I hope I can add to someone else’s artistry as well and make their vision come true.”

For the instrumentation on the new album, Taylor brought in musicians he had worked with over the years who are seasoned session and touring artists. In addition to the core band pictured above, many of Colorado’s best appear on the record: Larry Thompson (Otis Taylor Band) on drums; Brian Claxton (The Burroughs); Lyle Divinsky providing backing vocals (The Motet) and many more.  Each musician added their own flavor with Taylor composing all of the parts.

“I don’t see this as a departure from what I’ve done so far as a singer, but I do want to evolve and grow as a musician. It wouldn’t be exciting for anyone without walking the high wire a bit! I like to be slightly terrified when I’m writing an album.” ~Clayton. 

Come see a Cass Clayton Band show at your favorite Colorado music venue.

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