My Favorite Album Cover Art Ever… by Niko Sayag

Cass Clayton Band - Midnight In A Bottle

I want to take a moment to talk about the album cover art for our new record, MIDNIGHT IN A BOTTLE, designed by Niko Sayag! Niko designed the front and back cover and I absolutely love it. I felt it was especially important to recognize Niko, because several people have already asked me if the cover was AI generated. Noooo! This is original art, and Niko is a 100% living, breathing artist. Wanna hear something crazy? I never suggested any concept for the artwork, because I loved his artwork and knew whatever he came up with would probably be pretty great. When I first saw his cover art for MIDNIGHT IN A BOTTLE, I was completely blown away. Nailed it!!

Niko’s Immersive Creative Process.

Here’s a really cool thing I learned about Niko’s creative process that I learned. When he was designing the cover, he stayed up all night watching old detective movies in the background and listening to our album over and over again as he drew and painted. That means we’ve effectively brainwashed poor Niko. Seriously, the only people who’ve heard this album more than Niko, are me, the producer and the sound engineer! I can’t tell you what an honor it is to have an album cover created with such heart and attention to detail.

Check Out The Front and Back Cover Art of The Album…

Check out Niko Sayag Artwork at

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