MIDNIGHT IN A BOTTLE Album Out May 17, 2024!

I’m so excited to be sharing Cass Clayton Band’s new album “Midnight In A Bottle” – believe me, this album has been a long road! When I Iisten to this album it really takes me on a trip through the changes in myself and the world over the last few years. We cover a lot of ground in terms of genres and storytelling. We’re thrilled that our latest single, “Rear View Mirror,” is showing up on all kinds of playlists (funk, soul, indie, rock, pop, etc.) Writing this album, we never sat down to try to write a Soul album. We just wanted to write good music, and the genre doesn’t really matter to us.

Even so, by the end of our time in the studio, we did start to see that we had two distinct types of songs coming out – one contemporary and experimental and the other more traditional. We decided to put the more contemporary tunes on the A Side of the record, and the classics on the B Side so we could showcase these two directions. It’s really important to us that we’re keeping in touch with the musical tastes of those who have listened to our music for a long time, as well as those who are coming to it new. And, of course, we’re always stretching ourselves no matter what type of music we’re writing or covering!

Sooo…Below are just a few of the very diverse Spotify Playlists that have “picked up” our most recently Single, “Rear View Mirror.” This is just a sampling, but it’s cool to see so many different types of listeners including our new music in their playlists. We hope you find some new music you enjoy on MIDNIGHT IN A BOTTLE when it comes out this month. PLEASE include a song you connect with in your own playlist and share it with us. We get all giddy and sparkly-eyed when you like one of our tunes!

And, please, please join us for the Album Release Party at Ophelia’s on May 17!!

Spotify Playlists featuring songs from MIDNIGHT IN A BOTTLE

MIDNIGHT IN A BOTTLE is on Banger Roulette Playlist

on BerlinOnAir

DUENDE music Playlist

MIDNIGHT IN A BOTTLE featured on Best of 2024 Playlist

LITM ‘Indie Rock Picks’

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