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    Check out this new review of the Cass Clayton Band album by Blues Blast Magazine! Cass Clayton Band – Cass Clayton Band Self Released 10 tracks Cass Clayton is a rising star in the Colorado area and is noted for her vocal and slide guitar work.  Here she stays off the…(Read More)

Thanks to the over 70 friends from Facebook who contributed to this “Community Christmas and Holiday Playlist” with 4 1/2 hours of awesome tunes. I was going out of my mind with the same stuff we all hear every year, and this is really amazing if not obscure Christmas music. Most of it I…(Read More)

Studer Reel from Far & Away Studios, Boulder

It’s been a music-filled summer with two new songs born: “Woman In The Way” and “Fell From Grace” both written collaboratively by me and David Snider and recorded in Geoff Gray’s Far & Away Studios in Lafayette. These are the first two songs (released as singles) for an upcoming EP that I…(Read More)

I recently had the fortunate opportunity to work with producer, Tom Wasinger. He’s such a brilliant producer and musician and has won three Grammy’s. He’s also right here in Boulder, CO with a recording studio on Sugar Loaf Mountain. Doesn’t that sound like a mystical land where only good things can…(Read More)

I’m super excited to be singing with an amazing all-female band, HERmonious. Our first shows of 2016, will be on March 19 at Nissi’s and March 26 at Ziggies. The band features some of my favorite women musicians in Colorado. Woohooo!! Jodi Woodward, bass player for Erik Boa & the Constrictors and…(Read More)

Please Share Your Music for Playlist of the Month! I absolutely love sharing music with friends and get so excited when I discover a great new song (or rediscover something really old that I forgot about). Every month, I’ll be sharing a new Spotify Playlist of the Month with some of what I’m…(Read More)

This is a friendly appeal to our friends to PLEASE sign up for the Colorado Blues Society newsletter and consider becoming a CBS member. We have a very active blues society in our state, which has a significant impact on the music scene and artists in Colorado. The CBS is on the front lines, creating…(Read More)

I’ve found a new way to channel my obsessive compulsive need to research, archive and organize information about music! I hope you can reap the benefits of my “issues.” Click on this Pinterest link for an exhaustive list of iconic blues musicians. When possible, there’s a little background on them. Follow Cass Clayton…(Read More)

When I was 15 years old, my dad took me to see BB King at the Orpheum in Omaha, Nebraska. I had already seen quite a few blues shows, but this one was really a transcendent experience for me. I remember being literally love-struck and mesmerized with this man connecting all of us to…(Read More)