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Cass Clayton Band – Dawes County
Cass Clayton Band – Dawes County

Cass Clayton Band – eTown Hall

Cass Clayton Band – Boulder Theater

Cass Clayton Band – DAZZLE, Denver

CREDITS: PLAY NICE album (2019) Produced and arranged by Taylor Scott; Recorded and mixed at Far & Away Studios, Inc. (Boulder, CO); Engineered by Geoff Gray and Alex Stricker; Mixed by Geoff Gray, Alex Stricker and Taylor Scott; Mastered by David Glasser at Airshow Mastering (Boulder, CO); Cover photography by Anthony Earl; Cover art by Natalie Hogge; Thank you to Vane Clayton, Jerry Barker of LCM Guitars, Steve Carey of Denver Amp Works, Team at Grace Design, Terra Leone, Alto Music, Loren Phillips, Dann Burke, Steve Saviano, John Stilwagen.   (c) 2019 Cass Clayton Music, LLC, All rights reserved.

MUSICIAN CREDITS: Taylor Scott ~ guitar, bkg. vocals; Larry Thompson ~ drums, percussion; Brian Claxton ~ drums, percussion;  Steve Saviano ~ drums; Chris Harris ~ bass; Loren Phillips ~ bass; Jon Wirtz ~ Rhodes piano, Hammond C3, Clavinet; Tom Amend ~ Piano, Hammond C3, Wurlitzer; Gabe Mervine ~ trumpet; Daryl Gott ~ tenor saxophone; Nic Clark ~ harmonica; Kerry Pastine ~ bkg. vocals; Scott Hackler ~ bkg. vocals; Cass Clayton ~ vocals, bkg. vocals

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