The Jazz-Funk Connection | Colorado Springs

Cass Clayton Band is thrilled to be playing at The Jazz-Funk Connection, a “Live” music venue that was created by MUSICIANS, for MUSICIANS and the FANS who love to hear them! They have a great stage, and a sound system run by a phenomenal sound engineer that has been praised by musicians and patrons alike. 

The Jazz-Funk Connection can seat over 100 patrons and books quality local and national acts. The private V.I.P. area offers and eye-level view of performances and a special kitchen menu with items not available to non-V.I.P. patrons, including drinks at HALF PRICE. 

Their full-service kitchen (Shandelicious BBQ) is run by an award-winning chef and has some of the best fall-off-the-bone BBQ ribs in the area, not to mention mouth-watering catfish!

They’re located in the historic Knob Hill area of Colorado Springs, just 2 miles east of downtown Colorado Springs. 

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