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With the release of two albums back-to-back (Cass Clayton Band in May, 2018 and Play Nice in July, 2019), it’s been an exciting and creatively fulfilling time. One of the side-benefits of an album release is doing radio interviews. I absolutely love these talks – often hosts ask me questions that make me dig deep and remember why we really do this. It re-inspires me to make music that fills people’s souls. Here are links to some of my favorite interviews. I hope you enjoy them! 

9/13/19 – Steven Brittingham’s Hollywood and Beyond show is packed with meaningful dialogue. This was my second interview with Steven, and I’m already looking forward to the next. It’s a total music love fest, and his passion for music is obvious. Listen Here

9/26/19 Show #124 – The Beth Williams Indie Americana Songwriter Show is a weekly one-hour Internationally Syndicated radio show airing on both Terrestrial and Internet Stations.  Beth has become a friend and woman I admire, because she has worked very hard for a heavily syndicated show. She helps countless singer/songwriters to be heard all over the world. Listen Here


9/15/19 – Tim Board has interviewed me many times over the last few years on his syndicated Front Range Radio Show. We recently talked about Play Nice in two different segments on his new show, Eye On Jamz. Tim asks amazing questions, and we always go deep. I wish I could talk with him every day!  Interview #1 – 7/28/19   Interview #2 – 9/15/19

8/29/19 – George is sunshine on a rainy day, to use a musical reference! I just love this guy. His show is syndicated, so you can listen to it in multiple places, including iHeartRadio and Spreaker. Here are the links to our recent interview about the Play Nice album. George is amazing!!  iHeartRadio link      Spreaker Link

8/11/19 – Mara Karpel is a badass chick (yah, I can’t say that on the radio, but I can say it here!). She is the author of the international best-selling book, The Passionate Life. She is also a clinical psychologist with her own radio show. We share a passion and belief that it’s never EVER too late to create a life that is born of your deepest passions and interests. I loved this interview! Listen Here (interview is half-way through show).

8/1/19KUHS TV/Radio show is such an amazing format, and they are streamed live all over the world. Henry Archuleta is at the helm of this ingenius idea, which was way ahead of its time when he launched the station. He has had me on as a guest several times, and we laugh A LOT! He’s hysterically funny, and we have good radio chemistry. Is that a thing? I guess it is now! They have so many great programs, including one of my favorites with DJ, Steve Stalzle called the Jazz n Soul Express. Listen Here

7/28/19 – Sunday Night Live on KABC in Los Angeles is an awesome way to end your week and is syndicated across the country. The show is hosted by Susan Olsen (internationally recognized for her role as Cindy on The Brady Bunch) and Frank Sheftel (owner of the Candy Factory known as candy maker to the stars). Full disclosure, I watched EVERY episode of The Brady Bunch at least twice as a kid, so I was geeking out. They were really fun to talk with and I can’t wait to do it again! Listen Here (interview is at toward the end of their show).

7/13/19 – This interview with Tiffany and Terry DuFoe on CRAGG LIVE was so much fun. CRAGG, aka Cult Radio A-Go-Go is heavily syndicated, so look them up for some awesome programming! They are incredibly gracious hosts, and Tiffany and I became fast friends.  Listen Here at “Tune In”

7/19/19 – Steven Brittingham is so charming I don’t even know what else to say. He usually interviews Hollywood people, which I am not, so he asked questions that would never have occurred to me. Fun! Listen Here at “Tune In”

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