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Band Bio (Click HERE – Dropbox Download):

With a voice loaded with smoky soulfulness, it’s easy to see why Cass Clayton Band is landing on some of the best stages and festivals across the country. CCB has become known for its tight chemistry and high-energy stage presence. Clayton is a songwriter’s songwriter, lyrically and musically, and she takes care to speak her heart and mind and share her journey with the listener. Her new album, PLAY NICE, pulls together disparate influences but ties it all up in a framework that would seem as at home in Muscle Shoals or on Beale Street as it would on Michigan Avenue or Sunset Boulevard – and that’s no accident. Known for their non-denominational approach to music and genre, CCB blends rock, R&B, funk, blues and soul into their own contemporary sound. 

Cass and co-writer/producer, Taylor Scott, have won six songwriting awards through Colorado Music Business Organization and have garnered top reviews from magazines nationally and internationally. PLAY NICE is ranked #1 in the national R&B Chart in January, 2020. Cass’s previous self-titled record from last year won Album of the Year 2018 in the Colorado Blues Society Members’ Choice Awards. In addition, Cass has been voted as one of the top 3 slide guitar players in Colorado and top 2 vocalists (CO Blues Society Members’ Choice Awards). In February, 2019, she was featured on the cover of RECORDING Magazine with a 4-page feature article. Known for a uniquely soulful and velvety vocal style, Cass effortlessly moves from gentle and contemplative to a belting range that will knock you flat. 

The Band includes some of Colorado’s favorite seasoned musicians: Loren Phillips (bass, bkg vocals), Dann Burke (lead guitar, bkg vocals), Steve Saviano (drums), and John Stilwagen (keys, bkg vocals). Internationally touring musician, Taylor Scott, is a regular guest musician producer, and co-writer for the band. 

PLAY NICE #1 on National R&B Top 50 Album Chart (+ #1 Colorado Album Chart)

#1 on National Top 50 R&B Album Chart AND #1 Colorado Album Chart

Album One-Sheet (download in Dropbox here):

Genre: Contemporary American Roots (Soul, R&B, Rock, Blues, Funk)

Recent Press:

AMERICAN SONGWRITER – “It’s Clayton’s velvety vocals atop the instrumentation that makes this song so special. The mellow guitar helps sweep listeners up while Clayton’s lyricism paints a vivid picture of a distant past…” Full article here

ONSTAGE MAGAZINE –“Cass Clayton is a Colorado based singer-songwriter whose singing oozes of smoke and honey while her slide guitar playing is simply badass.” Full article here.

BIG SKY STATE BUZZ –“On their new album ‘Play Nice,’ the first thing you’ll likely notice about the Cass Clayton Band is Clayton’s distinct and powerful voice. Whether it’s god-given talent, hard-work, or a mixture of both, Clayton shines on the whole album.” Full article here.

RECORDING MAGAZINE -“I fell in love with the album after just one listen. First time listeners are always amazed to hear Cass sing – a petite lady with a smoky-sweet voice that sounds like it should be coming from someone twice her size.” Full article here.

BLUES BLAST MAGAZINE -“Cass Clayton is a product of the Colorado music scene and combines rock, soul, blues, funk and R&B into a smooth and cohesive package. Each song tells a story and Clayton and company are up to the task… Taylor Scott is a fine guitar player whose skills are evident in each track.” Full article here.

NOHO ARTS DISTRICT -“It feels like a live album.  The songs are arranged in such an open organic way, the stories unfolding from one song to the next in a gorgeously cinematic and artfully thoughtful journey.  Seriously…it’s a soundtrack.  Someone should write a movie to this album…what an epic love lorn trek through a sublime and stupendous artists mind….love, love, love it!” Full article here.

OBSCURE SOUND -“Among my favorites is the second track, ‘Little Things.’ A rousing vocal presence and playful organ backing is steadily accompanied by brass, with the track rising in blues-driven suaveness as it progresses. The ‘you got a million followers / what is that really worth?’ interlude approaching the three-minute mark, sported by a lush organ backing, provides some entrancing variety.” – Full article here.

SLEEPING BAG STUDIOS -“Cass is beyond fantastic; endearing & powerful in equal doses – and with a comfort, confidence, and cool that an artist like Bonnie Raitt would bring to her music – REAL R&B – you absolutely can’t take your ears off her performance on ‘Little Things’.

Every time I felt like this album couldn’t potentially get any more enjoyable, Cass Clayton Band would create something like this that absolutely stole the show all over again – this lady’s voice is second to NONE when she lets the power take hold.” Full article here.

Previous 2018 Award-Winning Album:

Cass Clayton Band new album cover

The 2018, self-titled CASS CLAYTON BAND album was an exciting success for the band. The album won multiple songwriting awards, along with 2018 Album of the Year (CO Blues Society Members’ Choice). Album One-Sheet at this Dropbox link.

Cass Clayton Band Members:

(Left to right in below photo): Steve Saviano (keys), Cass Clayton (vocals, slide guitar), Dann Burke (lead guitar), Loren Phillips (bass guitar, bkg. vocals), Steve Saviano (drums)

John Stilwagen (keys), Cass Clayton (vocals, slide guitar), Dann Burke (guitar),
Loren Phillips (bass), Steve Saviano (drums)

Download Music:

Radio, media and festival/venue managers may click heading above for full album – MP3’s or WAV files on Dropbox. Songs below are from our 2018 album.

“Tattered and Torn” MP3
“That’s What They Say” MP3
“Phase of the Moon” MP3
“Still Water” MP3

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