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I recently had the fortunate opportunity to work with producer, Tom Wasinger. He’s such a brilliant producer and musician and has won three Grammy’s. He’s also right here in Boulder, CO with a recording studio on Sugar Loaf Mountain. Doesn’t that sound like a mystical land where only good things can…(Read More)

I’ve found a new way to channel my obsessive compulsive need to research, archive and organize information about music! I hope you can reap the benefits of my “issues.” Click on this Pinterest link for an exhaustive list of iconic blues musicians. When possible, there’s a little background on them. Follow Cass Clayton…(Read More)

When I was 15 years old, my dad took me to see BB King at the Orpheum in Omaha, Nebraska. I had already seen quite a few blues shows, but this one was really a transcendent experience for me. I remember being literally love-struck and mesmerized with this man connecting all of us to…(Read More)