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    Check out this new review of the Cass Clayton Band album by Blues Blast Magazine! Cass Clayton Band – Cass Clayton Band Self Released 10 tracks Cass Clayton is a rising star in the Colorado area and is noted for her vocal and slide guitar work.  Here she stays off the…(Read More)

I recently had the fortunate opportunity to work with producer, Tom Wasinger. He’s such a brilliant producer and musician and has won three Grammy’s. He’s also right here in Boulder, CO with a recording studio on Sugar Loaf Mountain. Doesn’t that sound like a mystical land where only good things can…(Read More)

This is a friendly appeal to our friends to PLEASE sign up for the Colorado Blues Society newsletter and consider becoming a CBS member. We have a very active blues society in our state, which has a significant impact on the music scene and artists in Colorado. The CBS is on the front lines, creating…(Read More)

One of my absolute favorite things to do is to go to an open blues jam. I love the energy, the gathering of like-minded people doing what they love, and I learn something new every time. A blues jam could be anything. Bad stuff happens there, but really great musical stuff happens as well…(Read More)